Moorland runners for Sheffield City Council "The Outdoor City" Campaign.
BMX'er Pete Catherall over the Sheffield City skyline. Featured on billboards through the city centre and cover for Exposed Magazine.
Air Traffic Controller stationed at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.
Wild Swimming for Sheffield City Council "The Outdoor City" Campaign.
Racers crossing finish line at Howard Street Dual Race. A head-to-head Mountain Bike race through the city centre streets of Sheffield, UK.
Slow Readers Club - Tramlines 2021 at Hillsborough Park, Sheffield
Moors For The Future - Sheltering on Snake Pass in between shots for a new video exploring the benefits of restoring wetlands in the UK.
Scarlet - Buxton Opera House
Ferham Festival, Rotherham
Forge Radio DJ, student radio station of the University of Sheffield.
Wool Trader - Rotherham Market, UK
Alfred Denny Museum for University of Sheffield Prospectus. Named after the department's first professor of biology, Alfred Denny, the museum was established in 1905 and has been used for undergraduate teaching for more than 100 years.
Victorian House Restoration, Sheffield UK